Shamrock Hat

Shamrock Hat
Price1,520 Bells
Countries AvailableEurope and North America

The Shamrock Hat is the fourth Downloadable Content that Nintendo has released.


[edit] Appearance

The Shamrock Hat is a big top hat, only it is green. It has a black band around the brim of the hat, and in the front of the hat is a golden three clover, which is the general symbol of the holiday.

[edit] Release Dates

North America: 17th - 24th, March 2009.

Europe: 17th - 30th, March 2009.

[edit] Letters

This is the letter you receive when Pete delivers the Shamrock Hat:

North America

Dear [Player's name],

We found this little

treasure hidden at the end

of a rainbow. No promises,

but it should keep you safe

from pinches.



Dear [Player's name],

Check out this little green

hat we found at the end of

a rainbow. We hope it

brings you the luck of the

Irish in your adventures

through Animal Crossing!

From the Irish Staff

[edit] Reason for Release

The reason that Nintendo decided to release this DLC was to celebrate St. Patricks Day, which is an Irish holiday that celebrate one of the patron saints of Ireland with a big feast.

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