Catchphrase"Ne · · · I"
AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtFlowery Shirt
House MusicK.K. Bossa

Silvia (シルビア) is a Kangaroo villager with a snooty personality. She has only appeared in one game from the entire Animal Crossing series, that being Animal Forest e+.

[edit] Appearance

Silvia is a purple Kangaroo with ginger hair, her joey that sits in her pouch is also purple with ginger hair. She has pink blusher that is rather faint, and the tips of her feet are white. Silvia wears a Flowery Shirt.

[edit] Personality

As being a snooty villager, she loves wearing making and talking about her looks. She also gossips often when player or other villagers talk to her. She doesn't get along with jock villagers because they aren't worried about fashion, only on physical appearance. Nor she gets along with lazy villagers due to the fact that they don't care about how they look or what they eat. Since cranky villagers are somewhat rude, she often gets along with them because as a snooty, she is also rude towards others.

[edit] House

Her house is similar to Olive's but Silvia uses Parlor Wall and the Kitchen Flooring. She has many furniture items from the Lovely Series including the Lovely stereo which plays K.K. Bossa. She has a tulip seat and a Wobbelina. She also has two baby bears and a papa bear.

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