Snooty is a villager personality type in females. Snooties love regal furniture and read Ms. Nintendique. If your house is at the third expansion, it is common that they will say "I remember when we added a second story at my parents' house. My younger brothers and I would always play on the stairs...". They are the oldest of the female personalities, even if quite young. They will often seem rude when you meet them, but they will be nicer once you get to know them. If they give you their picture, they will frequently ask you if you lost it because they say it is a masterpiece. They are very stuck-up and will ask you what the prettiest thing in the world is. If you do not reply that it is them, then they will get mad.


[edit] Name Meaning

Snooty is like a variation of the spelling snout. Snout being the nose of an animal. It could also very well be based on the fact that a snooty person is thought of sticking their noses in the air and an anteater has more nose to do that with.

[edit] List of Snooty Villagers

There are about 54 Snooty villagers to appear in the Animal Crossing series. Here's a list of Snooty villagers alphabetically.

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  • [[Whitney
  • [[Willow

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