[edit] Villager Specific Species

[edit] Alligators

[edit] Anteaters

[edit] Bears

[edit] Birds

[edit] Bulls

[edit] Cubs

[edit] Chickens

[edit] Cows

[edit] Ducks

[edit] Eagles

[edit] Elephants

[edit] Frogs

[edit] Goats

[edit] Gorillas

[edit] Hippopotamuses

[edit] Horses

[edit] Kangaroos

[edit] Koala Bears

[edit] Lions

[edit] Mice

[edit] Octopi

[edit] Ostriches

[edit] Penguins

[edit] Pigs

[edit] Rhinoceroses

[edit] Sheep

[edit] Squirrels

[edit] Tigers

[edit] Wolves

[edit] Zebras

[edit] Villager and Special Character Mixed Species

[edit] Cats

[edit] Dogs

[edit] Rabbits

[edit] Monkeys

[edit] Special Character Only

[edit] Beavers

[edit] Boars

[edit] Camels

[edit] Chameleons

[edit] Giraffes

[edit] Gyroids

[edit] Hedgehogs

[edit] Kitsunes

[edit] Moles

[edit] Otter

[edit] Owls

[edit] Panthers

[edit] Peacocks

[edit] Pelicans

[edit] Pigeons

[edit] Pumpkins

[edit] Racoons

[edit] Reindeer

[edit] Salamanders

[edit] Sea Lions

[edit] Seagulls

[edit] Skunks

[edit] Snapping Turtles

[edit] Snowmen

[edit] Spirits

[edit] Tortoises

[edit] Turkeys

[edit] Walruses

[edit] Weasels

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