AppearancesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Original ShirtAurora Knit

Stella is a Normal Sheep Villager who made her first and only current appearances in both Animal Forest e+[JPN] and Animal Crossing (GCN)[NA].


[edit] Personality

Stella is a sweet soul with a caring attitude expressed to nearly everything she comes across. With such a level head, it isn't any tough chore for this Villager to naturally mother any resident she meets either under the weather or in a similar physical state(which she confuses with the sometimes grungy Lazy neighbours). This can sometimes form an enemy in this personality type towards Stella, but it mostly depends on the tolerance capacity of the Villager in the first place.

[edit] Appearance

Stella is an extremely light pink sheep with a thick wool coat comprised of deep pink and magenta shades. She has a very calm, if not sleepy, expression on her face and large, rose-coloured cheeks. She wears a soft, multi-coloured scarf around her neck.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

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