A complete Styraco fossil
Parts Styraco Tail
Styraco Torso
Styraco Skull

The Styraco or Styracosaurus is a set of fossils that appear in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk.

[edit] Museum

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"...What, hoo?! It seems the styracosaurus is complete! Wondrous! Just wondrous! The styracosaurus appeared in the late days of the dinosaurs. Its characteristic horns and collar looked like frills--very dino-fashionable, wot wot! And actually, they had to be, because the rear frill was used by males to attract females. I guess male-female relations haven't changed much in all these years, eh wot? HOO! I...beg your pardon! I was so enthralled, I... I spouted hot air like a boiling teapot, eh wot?"

[edit] Styraco Bones

Name HRA Points Selling Price Available
Styraco Tail 1,000 Points 2,500 Bells Underground
Styraco Torso 1,000 Points 3,000 Bells Underground
Styraco Skull 1,000 Points 3,500 Bells Underground
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