Summer is one of four seasons which is included in the Animal Crossing series, the other three seasons are Autumn , Winter and Spring. It begins at the 1st of June and ends at the 31st of August. It is the season before Autumn and the season after spring. During this time, the grass and trees are even more green than the previous season and they are their greenest at this point. There are many events and a variety of characters will visit the town. Different fish and bugs that will occur also.


[edit] Events

Many events will be held during summer. Note: not all these events are included in each game.

[edit] Characters

Note: not all characters are included in each game.

[edit] Tan

Main Article: Tan.
During Summer, players may recieve a tan if they spend they spend enough time outside. Though, they can disappear after a while.

[edit] Months

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