Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Release Date[JPN] January 31, 2008

[NA] March 9, 2008

[AUS] June 26, 2008

[EU] June 27, 2008
Platform(s)Nintendo Wii

In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Animal Crossing plays a big part of the game. Not only are there Animal Crossing themed trophies, but also a stage and an assist trophy. Although there are no playable characters, the areas that Animal Crossing does cover in the game have been widely favorable.


[edit] Trophies

Main Article: Animal Crossing Trophies (SSBB)

Super Smash Brothers features a total of 24 unlockable trophies. These trophies include everything from characters to items. Every trophy has a short description and lists the games the person or item on the trophy appeared in. Each trophy can be collected by using the Coin Launcher Mini-Game, collecting them in the SubSpace Emisarry, or unlocked in challenges. The most notable challenge is receiving a set amount of coins in coin matches to unlock the Tom Nook Trophy.

[edit] Stickers

Main Article: Animal Crossing Stickers (SSBB)

Along with trophies, the game also feature a wide variety of Animal Crossing themed stickers. Each stickers, like the trophies, has a character or item from the game. Each sticker is also unique because they each add bonuses to characters stats and some may only be used by specific characters. Most of the stickers have the same characters/items from the trophies, but some are also different. Stickers can be collected by using the Coin Launcher Mini-Game, collecting them in the SubSpace Emisarry, unlocked in challenges, or picked up in normal matches. The most notable challenge is clearing All-Star on Normal difficulty to unlock the Phyllis sticker.

[edit] Stages

One of the most noticeable Animal Crossing references is a stage called "Smashville", named similar to a town you might find in the game. Smashville is a very favorable stage among competitive players because it is considered a "nuetral stage", which means there aren't any outside forces that could influence the game in an unfair manner. The background on the stage is one of the most unique because it is a full Animal Crossing Town. You can watch Kapp'n riding his taxi, UFO's float by, and look at the houses and stores in the distance. Along with that, behind the stages barrier stands many of Animal Crossing Characters. During the day you may find Brewster with a stall selling Coffee, Gracie cheering you on from the background, or Redd possibly proposing a buisness deal. Another interesting feature is the night-time. During the night-time (which can only be played in during an event) K.K. Slider will perform one of his hit songs. On the actual stage, its mainly one large platform, but a smaller raised platform will float back and forth across the stage. Finally, balloons will randomly float by the stage in the air which can be popped, all very Animal Crossing reminiscent.

[edit] Assist Trophies

In the game Resetti plays the role of one of the summonable assist characters. You may find a small glass container on any stage which you can crack open and possible reveal Resetti. When summoned, Resetti will be halfway through a hole in the stage. Most Assist Trophies effect the game in some way that damages or moves opponents in a strategic way, usually positive for the player who summoned them, but Resetti is much different. Instead, Resetti when summoned will effect the entire field, including you, but his "power" won't do damage or move you, it will just annoy you. Resetti will begin shouting, like he does in-game when you talk to him or reset your game without saving (hence his name), but he will yell about nonsense. His talk bubble will fill the whole top of the screen and you will only be able to see the faint outline of the things behind it. The funniest part about Resetti is that he may mock players on the field by copying phrases they use.

[edit] Items

Another small part Animal Crossing plays a part in is one of the items of the game; the Pitfall! You can pick the Pitfall Seed up and chuck it at opponents. If the are at ground level and it hits them they will be burrowed half-way into the ground and for a short period of time will not be able to move. In this period of time you can do some serious damage. If you hit the opponent with it when they are in the air they will spiked to the ground, but if there is no ground below them, their death.

[edit] Music

Along with the other Animal Crossing features you will also be able to collect and listen to music from the actual game. The songs are remade to fit the action theme of Brawl, but the overall concept and sound of the songs stays the same. The following are songs you can unlock and listen to in "My Music":
  • Title (Animal Crossing)
  • Go K.K. Rider!
  • 2 a.m.
  • Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store
  • The Roost

The following songs you can only listen to when K.K. Slider performs at night-time:

  • K.K. Cruisin'
  • K.K. Condor
  • K.K. Western
  • K.K. Gumbo
  • Rockin' K.K.
  • DJ K.K.

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