Talk:Agrias Butterfly

user:SSBB Crazy: We forgot to add the menu quotations as well. Most people find them interesting to read. Do you know if they are different in each game though?

Edit: Also, do you think we should include the things that the beaver and chameleon (forget their names) say when you give them a fish in the catching contest? (because I believe they do say important things?)

Not sure, but since everything else is different, I'm guessing this is too.

They just take the bug/fish after you give it to them. They don't give any facts like Blathers. --knb 22:50, 11 June 2009 (UTC)

SSBB Crazy: Have you ever given the beaver a fish that wasn't asked for a specific fish-catching contest day? He describes the way he likes it cooked and eaten. (somewhat reminiscent of what Blathers did in WW)
Oh and just an FYI, I'll be putting up any information on fish/bugs/paintings on my wiki-profile so if you ever need something that you cant find just look there and it might be there. (: