What is supposed to go here exactly?

SSBB Crazy: Well if you hadn't noticed (I'm sure you did?) that I've already made pages for some species; villager and non villager species. (Goats, Giraffes, Camels, Octopi, etc.) and I was planning on putting a full list of all species in the game along with other small tidbits.

I did but didn't heed much attention to it. I looked at the pages and now I see. Thanks. (:

SSBB Crazy: Okay so I finally made the page. XD What do you guys think? It looked plain with just titles so I added info. on the amount of characters per game. I might need to look back and recheck my info. on the cats, dogs, and rabbits though because I was getting messed up with numbers, but I'm pretty sure its right.

Also is Phineas a sea-otter or normal otter (if theres a difference?) and should we consider Serena a dog or a spirit (like wisp)? Also, if you see anything out of place or wrong feel free to fix it because I'm not 100% on which species have special characters inside of them. And I don't know if any of you remember Farley, but what the heck is he?