Tam o'shanter

Tam o'shanter
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The Tam o'shanter is the forty-third DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

The Tam o'shanter is a scotish styled hat. The hat is a plaid red hat. The significance of this hat, however, is how it automatically changed your hair into bright red, which dangles from the hat. After taking it off, the hair will return to normal.

[edit] Release Date

  • Europe from 25th January - 1st February, 2010.

[edit] Letter

The letter received for the Nintendo DS Lite in Europe read:

Dear [Player's name],

Let your inner highlander

loose and celebrate

Burns Night with a

tam o'shanter (Scottish

tartan bonnet). Complete

with flame-red hair.

From the Scottish Staff

[edit] Reason for Receiving

The Tam o'shanter was released in celebration of Burn's Night, a night dedicated to a famous poet from Europe.

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