BirthdayJune 17th
AppearencesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtChain Gang Shirt
Picture Inscription:"They say cats hate citrus. THAT REALLY HURTS MY FEELINGS!"

Tangy (Japanese name: ヒャクパー, Hyakupa) is a Peppy, Cat Villager and more than likely one of the oddest villagers that the Animal Crossing franchise has ever produced.

[edit] Personality

Tangy is most literally an orange that grew the appropriate facial features from the typical cat ears, large eyes, and wide grin. She is one of few rare villagers which actually resemble a form of fruit and as such base it around their catchphrase and stereotyped choices of topic. Her skin is orange and pitted, sporting a rather large leaf atop her head either meant to resemble hair or a hat, similar to Tank.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

Even though Tangy is commonly thought to resemble an orange, it could possibly be a tangerine, thus explaining where her name potentially comes from.

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