AppearancesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtBlack Tooth Tee
House MusicOnly Me

Tarou (タロウ) is a male jock villager who is a wolf species. He has only appeared in one of the games of the Animal Crossing Series that game being, Animal Forest e+. Currently, he is the only jock wolf from the whole Animal Crossing series.

[edit] Appearance

Tarou is a wolf who is mostly purple. His paws and muzzle are a cream colour. The inner colouration of his ears are also a light cream colour with a hint of purple. He has a large black nose, his eyes are also large. He usually looks happy, unlike the other wolves who are cranky and snooty.

[edit] Personality

As being a jock villager, he will get along mostly with other jock villagers and peppy villagers. He enjoys fitness and can get competitive which, lazy villagers do not enjoy thus, they don't often get along.

[edit] House

  • Plays "Only Me" on the reel to reel.
  • Tartan flooring.
  • Classroom wallpaper.
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