Televisions Set

Televisions Set
Total Cost8,160 Bells
Total Sell Price10,428 Bells

The Televisions set provides endless hours of entertainment for your character when turned on. To turn on a TV, simply press A. With the television turned on, you get channels such as weather forecasts, comedy shows from the Marquee, and sometimes you get a blank screen.

Name Price Selling Price Available
Wide-Screen TV 2,200 Bells 550 Bells Redd's Shop
Retro TV 1,600 Bells 400 Bells Nook's Shop
Mushroom TV N/A N/A Picking mushrooms
Robo TV 2,360 Bells 590 Bells Nook's Shop
Snowman TV N/A 8,888 Bells Bulding a perfect snowman
Apple TV N/A N/A Katie
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