The Roost

The Roost in all its glory

The Roost is a cafe located in the basement of the Museum. It offers many services including live music, coffee, and a place to relax whenever you are stressed out. The Roost plays the same role in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. It did not appear in Animal Crossing Gamecube. Overall, The Roost provides a relaxing environment for the player to enjoy themselves.


[edit] Coffee

Coffee is served by Brewster the Pigeon for a price of 200 Bells per cup. You may only buy one cup of coffee per day. However, as you sit down, you may notice that there is someone next to you. This could either be a neighbor, or one of the special workers (Kapp'n, Resetti, etc.).

[edit] K.K. Slider Performances

Every Saturday after 8:00pm, The Roost will have K.K. Slider come out to perform for you. You must sit down in one of the seats in The Roost in order for him to start playing a song. A disco ball with illuminate while he plays. K.K. Slider will be up on the stage sitting on a stool, wielding his guitar. After he is done, you may listen to encores.

[edit] Hot Chocolate

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, you can get Brewster to get you on one special day. This day is a day where love feels the air and everyone is in a great mood - Valentine's Day. Brewster will try out something different this day, so take advantage of it by trying out this new delectable drink!

[edit] Gyroid Storage Space

Another feature that is only in City Folk is that after befriending Brewster and drinking seven cups of his coffee while it is still hot, Brewster will then offer to store Gyroids for you in his storage room. Brewster will not take duplicates of any gyroids. It is a useful feature if you are into collecting gyroids.

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