Tiger Prawn

Tiger Prawn
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Scientific NamePenaeus monodon
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: New Leaf
LocationOcean Floor (Diving)
Date AvailabilityJune - September
Time Availability4pm - 9am
Sales Price1,600 Bells
Tank Size1 x 1

Tiger Prawn is a Deep Sea Creature that was introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It has been absent from previous games in the series as it is only accessible via diving, a feature introduced in New Leaf.


[edit] How To Catch

It can be caught by use of the Wet Suit in the ocean either at the Beach during the months of June and September, or caught at the Island Beach all year round. It will appear on the ocean floor as a small shadow and will move uniformally across the ocean.

[edit] Player

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

"I got a tiger prawn! I can sell it at a prawn shop!" - New Leaf

[edit] Museum

"These shrimp inhabit shallow areas of the sea and are nocturnal, hiding under sand during the day. By night, they go out and hunt shellfish before returning to the safety of their sand.Unlike other shrimp they don't carry their eggs around with them in their abdomen. They are famous for being a tasty varity of shrimp and are perfect for tempura and sushi."

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