Time Travel

The act of "Time Travelling" is a method often used in the Animal Crossing Series, where the player is able to manually change the time and date in the Animal Crossing file. Many fans still debate over if time travelling is cheating. Time Travelling is often used because it is easily accessable and has many pros, although it does have its cons as well. It doesn't cause any havoc to the game but here are pros and cons of time travelling:


[edit] Pros

• Help you grow trees and flowers (including hybrids) quicker.
• New neighbors might move in if you time travel a couple of weeks.
• Fruit will grow on trees quickly.
• Help speed up the process of house upgrades and shop upgrades • Increase the speed to develop new Public Work Projects (New Leaf)

[edit] Cons

• Losing favourite neighbours.
• Miss out on town events.
• Villagers complain about you not talking to them.
• Cockroaches in your house.
• Weeds. The worst and most annoying problem. Gets bad if you time travel months or years.
• Not able to obtain Phineas' prizes from the City
• Not being able to obtain Joan's Turnips

Time travelling on a day when Nook is expanding will also cause him to stop expanding and put off that particular expansion.

[edit] How to Time Travel

[edit] Animal Crossing GC

To change the time, when loading the game choose the "not ready yet.." then "other things" options, and select "Set Clock". Here you can then change, time, date and year settings.

[edit] Animal Crossing Wild World

To change the time, select the phone in the attic/bedroom of your home.

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

To change the time, you can do so from your DS clock. Select System Settings, then Other Settings. Choose Date & Time and finally, Today's Date and/or Current Time. This will change your in-game clock by the same change in date. If you time travel 1 day and 1 hour with your DS clock, your Animal Crossing file will mirror that.

Additionally, you can also change the clock from the game. Load the game and select your character. When Isabelle asks to play, select Something else... then Set the time.

So there are many pluses to time travelling but maybe it's best to just play the game by real time - who wants to spend their days picking weeds anyway?

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