Tom Nook

Tom Nook
BirthdayMay 20th (45 racoon years old)
Pic Quote"I'll be there with bells on!"
OccupationStore owner AC-AC:CF, Realtor AC:NL- present
Tom Nook (Japanese name: たぬきち, Tanukichi) is the raccoon that runs your town's store up until Animal Crossing: New Leaf where he runs a real estate agency called Nook's Home. ==Starting Off==

When you first start your Animal Crossing adventure, Tom Nook will be the raccoon with an apron on. After you find the house that you would like to live in, Tom Nook comes running by and asks if you are satisfied with your house. He will then proceed to tell you that your mortgage is a whopping 19,800 Bells - which is a lot of money for a newcomer. Tom Nook will offer you a part time job to get to know the basics. Your first job will be meeting all villagers in town and meeting the mayor. Once you finish that job, you must come back to his store and complete all of his other tasks. You must finish all the jobs he gives you to continue playing and enjoying the values of the game. Once you finish all his odd jobs, you will earn a small amount of money which will be used to decrease your mortgage payment. The more you pay off your house debt, the bigger your house will be.


[edit] Role

Tom Nook sells all kinds of items, tools, flowers, furniture, and more. If you need these items, then Tom Nook's Shop is where you will find them. As the stores continue to upgrade, then you will notice that more items will be available to you, such as paint. He will also buy anything that you present to him, even though he will only give you 1/4 of what the object is truly worth. This is good if you fish or catch bugs a lot. Tom Nook is one of the most important people in town, because without him you would have no one to sell or buy general items to.

[edit] Special Days

On random days, Tom Nook will have posted a bulletin for special events, which can be:

  • Spotlight Item - Nook will post a bulletin explaining what special item is in his store today! It will be rare and an item that you won't see everyday, so make sure to consider buying it and taking advantage of the offer.
  • 5x Point Special Day - You will receive five times more Nook Points then you would when you usually buy items from Nook's shop. This includes catalog orders as well. So if you buy an item worth 1,000 Bells, you will get 50 Nook Points instead of 10.

[edit] PIM Points

PIM Points are what Tom Nook rewards you with when you buy something from his shop in Animal Crossing: Wild World. The more you obtain from buying items from his store and the catalog, the better your membership rank. And the higher your membership rank, the more of a discount that you will receive.

[edit] Nook Points

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Nook points are accumulated when you purchase an item from Tom Nook's store. Each has its own amount and the more rare probably the more points you get. The store added a new feature where you could spend points earned at Tom Nook's on multiple Nintendo themed items using the machine found in every one of his store stages. Items included hats, masks, furniture, etc. from series such as; Mario, Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid, and Donkey Kong.

In order to receive visitor points you have to use the point machine in Tom Nook's store and click on visitor points. You will then receive 3 points if you use it in your town or 5 points if you use it in a friend's village.

See Nook Points for more details.

[edit] Store Stages

As you spend more money and time on the game, you will see that Nook will expands his stores. There are four expansions in total. As they change, Nook's outfits will also change. He goes from an apron to a business suit in the course of all of the expansions.

  • Nook's Cranny - Nooks Cranny is the original store Tom Nook owns in the beginning. It has next to nothing in it and is very small.
  • Nook N' Go - The first upgrade Tom Nook's store undergoes. It has later hours and a few more spaces for items.
  • Nookway - The second upgrade Tom Nook's store undergoes. It has reasonable hours and even more space for various items.
  • Nookington's - The third and final upgrade Tom Nook's store undergoes. This store has a good balance of all of the items.

Golden items : There will STOP being normal items and Golden items!

[edit] Services

Tom Nook offers the following services when you talk to him:

  • Catalog & Delivery Service - If you order something from the catalog, Tom Nook will send it to you the next day via the mail along with a letter attached thanking you for buying from him. The item you ordered will come attached as a present.
  • Turnip Prices? - Tom Nook is involved with the stalk market, just like Joan is. He will buy your white turnips. You can ask him what price he is buying white turnips for, and if the price satisfies you, you can sell them to him.

[edit] Changing Stores

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Nook will sometimes act depressed after 30 days of receiving Nookington's and will ask you how you think that he can improve the store to make it a better experience. He will ask if you prefer a more balanced variety of items, better items, longer hours, or if they want nothing. Whichever option that you choose determines what store you will get:

Choice Store
Nothing. Nook's Cranny
More Hours. Nook n' Go
Balance. NookWay
Variety. Nookington's

If you accidentally choose the wrong option and do not like the store, you must wait about a month before Nook asks what you would like to see improved again.

[edit] Interesting Facts

  • Tom Nook will buy your items for at 1/4 of the price that you bought it for.
  • You can wire your mortgage payment to Tom Nook through the ABD.

"A kind raccoon with a heart of gold, Tom Nook helps you get started when you first move to town by loaning you a home to live in. Tom also runs a little supply shop in town that sells all the basics, including furniture, clothing, tools, and gardening supplies. Tom will help you in a variety of ways as your life unfolds, and you'll help him as well: Keep shopping at his store and it'll get bigger and bigger. Eventually, old Tom will even need to hire his two nephews, Timmy and Tommy, just to keep his business running!" - Prima Official Strategy Guide (City Folk)

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