Tools in the Animal Crossing Series are very important. There are six different types of tools and a total of twenty two tools.


[edit] Shovels

Shovel.pngS shovel.pngG shovel.png

[edit] Shovel

In order to get a normal shovel, you must go to Nook's store while it is open and see if he has any displayed. If he does, click on it. Nook will tell you that it is 500 Bells. You can go ahead and purchase it. This tool has no special abilities. It can dig up things, smack objects, and create holes.

[edit] Silver Shovel

To get the silver shovel, you must get it from Mr. Resetti at the Resetti Surveillance Center. Go to the city after 8:00pm and make a sharp turn to the right when you get off of the bus. You should see some orange construction cones. If they are blocking your way, you can not get it that night. Keep coming back and checking until the cones are pushed aside. Go in and talk to Mr. Resetti and he will give you a silver shovel and tell you to scram. This will yield you 10% more bells from a money rock.

[edit] Golden Shovel

Bury a regular shovel in the ground. When dug up after 24 hours, it will be a golden shovel. Golden shovels are used to create money trees. You bury the money with the shovel, and soon, it'll grow and become a tree with money on it where fruit would be elsewhere. Although burying money tree's are a risk. The chances of the money tree being successful and grow money are 50/50. Also the more money you bury for the money tree the more money you get back, but higher the risk.

[edit] Nets

Net.pngS net.pngG net.png

[edit] Net

In order to get a normal net, you must go to Nook's store when he is open and see if he has a net that you may buy. If he does, click on it. Nook will tell you that it is 500 Bells. You can go ahead and purchase it. This tool has no special abilities and can help you catch bugs.

[edit] Silver Net

The silver net is actually very easy to get a hold of. The catch is that it doesn't come around too often at all. You can get this net by heading to Nook's everyday and checking his inventory to see if the Silver net is available to purchase or not. However, you need to have an upgrade higher than Nook's Cranny to be able to buy this net. It is a bit bigger than the silver net and makes bugs easier to catch. You can also catch bugs that are on flowers without ruining the flowers.

[edit] Golden Net

Catch one of each type of bug to get the golden net. Once you catch all of the bugs and the game system confirms it, you may go speak to Tortimer at the Town Hall who will in turn give you your golden net after some inspiring comments from him. It's larger, and makes it easier to catch bugs because of the bigger radius. The chance of you catching rarer bugs are also increased.

[edit] Fishing Rods

Rod.pngS rod.pngG rod.png

[edit] Fishing Rod

You can purchase a normal fishing rod by stopping by at Nook's Shop at any time when he is open and simply look at his selection of items that he has out and single out the fishing rod if there is one. Click on it and Nook will ask you if you would like to purchase for 500 Bells. It helps you catch fish in the rivers and the ocean.

[edit] Silver Fishing Rod

You can obtain the silver fishing rod the same way as you got the Silver net. Check in on Nook when he is open everyday and eventually you will see that the silver fishing rod has taken place of the normal fishing rod. You store must be at a higher level that Nook's Cranny and it costs 500 Bells. It attracts more fish to your line when you cast it. It also makes the bait stay in longer.

[edit] Golden Fishing Rod

Catch one of each type of fish to get the golden fishing rod. After you have done this, go to Tortimer at the Town Hall and after a hearty congratulations, he will give you the golden fishing rod. It gives you a little more time to catch the fish when it bites. Like the Golden Net, the chances of you catching a Shark or a more rare sort of fish are increased as well.

[edit] Slingshots

Slingshot.pngS slingshot.pngG slingshot.png

[edit] Slingshot

The normal slingshot is available in Tom Nook's shop. It is only available after you have at least Nook n'Go or higher. This slingshot will cost 500 Bells and has the ability to fire one bullets straight upwards into the sky. This can be used to shoot down presents or Gulliver.

[edit] Silver Slingshot

Sometimes Tom Nook's shop will sell silver slingshots. Just take a peek inside of his shop when he is open and click on the silver slingshot. This slingshot will cost the same price as a normal slingshot - 500 Bells. This tool has the special ability to fire two bullets t once instead of one.

[edit] Golden Slingshot

Knock down eight balloon gifts and you might just find a golden slingshot in others that you drop from the sky. This super slingshot fires three bullets at once, making it oh-so easy to pop those drifting balloons. The golden slingshot will come with three golden balloons attached to it to hold it up.

[edit] Axes

Axe.pngS axe.pngG axe.png

[edit] Axe

To get a normal axe, make sure that you have a Nook upgrade other than Nook's Cranny. The item will cost 400 Bells. This tool allows you to cut down trees. This can be useful if you ever need a perfect town, or maybe just because a pesky tree is in your path. It will break after a few swings at a tree.

[edit] Silver Axe

Donate enough bells to your town fund to get a fountain built in your town, then throw a normal axe into the fountain. A special character named Serena may appear and will ask you some very tough questions. If you answer all of them and keep her in a good mood, she may give you a silver axe which never breaks.

[edit] Golden Axe

If you have a fountain in the front of your town, toss your normal axe into the fountain for a chance at seeing Serena appear. You need to convince her that you would like a golden axe without sounding greedy or making Serena angry. This axe never breaks and cuts down trees faster than the silver axe.

[edit] Watering Cans

Can.pngS can.pngG can.png

[edit] Watering Can

You can buy this normal watering can at Nook's store. It does not matter which upgrade you have. The watering can will cost 500 Bells. This tool helps you by watering wilted flowers and bringing them back to life and watering red turnips so they do not die while they are in the ground.

[edit] Silver Watering Can

Buy fifty bags of flowers seeds from Tom Nook to earn this improved watering can. After you buy the flowers, you will receive a letter in the mail the next day from the Posy Farms congratulating and thanking you for buying their products. The can is attached as a gift to the letter. It revives dead red turnips. It has a greater effective radius, watering all nine spaces surrounding the spot where it is used.

[edit] Golden Watering Can

You can get this very special watering can by maintaining a perfect looking town for a full fifteen days and then speaking to Pelly or Phyllis at the town hall to receive a gold watering can for all of your hard work. This watering can turn wilted black roses into golden roses. Like the silver watering can, it has a greater watering radius and therefore waters all nine spaces around whatever you watered.

[edit] Timer


[edit] Timer

You can buy this tool from Nook after you have Nook n' Go or higher. It costs 500 Bells. It does not have a golden or silver version of the tools. When you start the timer, it counts down from a limit the player sets which can be either 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. This allows all players in the town who are visiting you to be able to view the total number of fish and bugs caught by their character as well as other characters in town. When the timer stops, the number of fish/bugs the the player caught is shown above their head.

If other players have a timer as well, they may cancel the current countdown that is currently happening.

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