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The Town Hall is a central place for maintenance around your town. You are able to send letters to many different people, even across Wi-Fi, as well as other features like depositing money, reporting a town problem, and learning about the environment of your town. Not only that, but this place is the first building you will ever need to walk into. During holidays, the Town Hall sometimes gets dressed up as well!


[edit] Employees

  • Pelly is a young female pelican who works in the Town Hall during the day. She is kind, sweet, and caring and trying to help with with as many things as she can.
  • Phyllis is Pelly's sister who also works at the Town Hall, but during the night. She is always grumpy, and usually complaining about how awful her job is.
  • Tortimer is an old male turtle who is usually sleeping at the back of Town Hall. You can only talk to him on holidays.
  • Pete is a delivery bird who you may sometimes see flying across the sky to deliver your mail. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to talk to him before he has to take off. In City Folk, he delivers DLC's and you may sometimes see him around town. You can talk to him, but he doesn't say much.

[edit] Options

[edit] Civic Center

The town hall houses the civic center. Walk up to the counter and stand on the green mat; then press A to speak with Pelly or Phyllis (depending on the time of day). They'll ask you what you need help with and give you the following options:

  • The Environment: Listen to your neighbor's comments on how they think your town looks, and hear tips on how you can improve things.
  • Town Tunes: Bring up a nifty song editor that lets you create your own background music. See what sorts of catchy tunes you can write!
  • Town Fund/Boondox: Choose to donate Bells to the town fund. Good things come to those who give! In City Folk, when you donate enough bells, your town gets a new bridge, a new Fountain, and a Lighthouse or Windmill; it's your choice!
  • Got a Problem (ACCF only): Complain about a neighbor or ask for help when you're locked out of home.
  • Move from town (ACWW only): Move to your friend's town!

When you choose to learn about the environment, the clerk will read you a letter from another neighbor that states their opinion on the condition of your town. After she reads it, she'll then tell you if you need to add more green, if you have too much, or if its good as is. This feature is a big help when trying to earn the Golden Can. The next option is to change the town tune. Every time you talk to someone or the bell rings, you hear your town tune play. When editing, move the notes up for a higher sound and down for a lower one. Next is donating to the Town Fund/Boondox. By donating certain amounts of money, you receive feathers in the mail along with a thank you letter from the members of the town. The more you donate, the better the feather. The highest amount you can donate is 6,000,000 bells. You can tell the clerk that you have a problem. This option will either remove a villager's caqtchphrase, their shirt, or clear their letters because of vandalism. Last, you can move from your town. To do this you need to have your game card in the DS you wish to move your character to. All items in drawers and music players will be deleted, but you can keep your friend roster. Note that you need to be in Immigration Mode while doing this.

[edit] Post Office

As you've learned from your dealing with Tom Nook, the town hall also houses the post office. Talk to Pelly or Phyllis and they will give you these options:

  • Send a letter: Send a letter to one of your neighbors or your future self! You can even send letters to your friend's town.
  • Wii Message Board: Send messages to your Wii's message board, which you can access through the main Wii channels that appear each time you turn on your system.
  • Save a letter: Save a letter that you think is a keeper. Pelly or Phyllis will hold it until you want to have a look at it again.
  • Bank Account (ACWW only): See how much money you have accumulated! (In City Folk, you just go to the ABD Machine in the bottom left of the building. See below for details.)

Mailing letters is a fun way to communicate with either your friends or fellow town neighbors. To write one you must buy paper from Tom Nook and access it from the main menu. You then ask the clerk to mail it, and she will send it to the designated subject. You will also receive letters in the mail, and if you get a letter you want to save so you can look at it later, just transfer it over to their storage. To do this, just drag the letter over to the second column with the stylus and hit confirm. You can use the Wii Message Board in ACCF to mail pictures and letters to your Wii and then send them to your e-mail so you can post them on the internet. The last option is to access your bank account. This is used when you want to store/save money or don't have enough room to hold it in your house. You can store up to 999,999,999 bells, and once in a while they will add money to your account if you have been using their bank for a while.

[edit] Recycling Bin

Your town's recycling bin is located inside of the town hall as well. Stand in the front of the big green bin with a fish on the top of it and press A to peek inside. There's a chance that you will find some cool items! Another player's junk is another player's treasure. The recycling bin's contents are emptied promptly at 6:00am every Monday and Thursday. Don't let any goodies inside go to waste!

[edit] ABD Machine

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the Automatic Bell Dispenser Machine, or the ABD, is another important object found in the Town Hall. Step right up to it where it stands against the left wall and press A to turn it on. The machine works just like an ATM in the real world; use it to deposit and withdraw your Bells that you worked so hard to get! This is handy because soon you will find that you can only carry so many Bells before your pockets start to bulge. You must use the ABD Machine to pay off your debt to Tom Nook. Bells you hand over to him are for in-store purchases only!

Unlike in previous versions the ABD in Animal Crossing: City Folk now provides a small amount of interest per month depending on how many bells you have saved up.

  • Check out the Hints & Tips for more information on what prizes you get when you store a certain amount of Bells in the ABD Machine!

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