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Twirp (Japanese name: ダンガン, Dangan) is a Cranky Bird villager who has made appearances in Animal Forest, Animal Crossing, Animal Forest+ and Animal Forest e+.

[edit] Personality

Twirp will appear cold towards the player at the start, but if the player complete tasks for him he will eventually warm up to them. He will get along well with Snooty and fellow Cranky villagers due to their shared personalities and he will admire Lazy villagers for their lax take on events. He will often talk negatively about Normal, Jock and Peppy villagers to the player.

[edit] Appearance

Twirp is a coral bird with blue on the top of his head. Below his yellow beak is white and he has large, wide eyes.

[edit] House

Twirp has a gym theme in his house, this is unusual for a Cranky villager.

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