AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtHoundstooth Knit
House MusicK.K. Waltz

Vanessa (ヴァネッサ) is a wolf villager with a snooty personality. She has only made one appearance in the Animal Crossing series, that being Animal Forest e+.

[edit] Personality

Vanessa is a Snooty villager, meaning she will often refer to fashion tips from a magazine called Ms. Nintendique. Vanessa will appear rude and at first, be hard to befriend, she will gradually warm up to the player. Vanessa will get along well with Cranky and fellow Snooty villagers but will get annoyed by Jock villager's criticising ways. Vanessa will gossip about Normal, Lazy and Peppy villagers.

[edit] Appearance

Vanessa is a tan wolf with elements of light brown on her face. She has a light brown muzzle and blue eyelids with long eyelashes. The tip of her tail and paws are light brown also.

[edit] House

Vanessa's house has a regal sofa, two regal cabinets, a regal lamp, a gramophone and a regal bed. It's the same as Pierce's but with a Elegant wallpaper and floor.

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