Walking Leaf

Walking Leaf
Walking Leaf.png
FamilyPhyllium Phylliidae
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk
LocationOn ground
Date AvailabilityJuly - August
Time Availability8am-7pm
Sales Price600 Bells
Tank Size1x1

The Walking Leaf is a rare bug that is new and was introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] How to Catch

The Walking Leaf is very hard to find. When you first see it, you may mistake it as a piece of furniture because of how well the Walking Leaf is camouflaged against the scenery. If you get too close, they will turn over and reveal themselves as an actual bug. If you are on the hunt for this bug, just look for furniture on the ground that was not there before, distance yourself from it, equip your net, rush towards it, and when you are within distance swing your net and catch the Walking leaf.

[edit] Player

This is what you player says when you catch a Walking Leaf:

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"I caught a Walking Leaf! Finally, you'll leaf me alone!"

[edit] Menu

This is what the bug menu will say when you catch a Walking Leaf:

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

These blend into many leaf colors. Females own the best camouflage, but males fly.

[edit] Museum

If you donate this bug to the Museum, Blathers will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"As you can see, walking leafs are extremely proficient at mimicking the appearance of leaves. What torments me is this: they also EAT leaves... Do they look at one another and think, "mmmmmmmm"?"

[edit] Trivia

  • The Walking Leaf is about 70 millimeters long.
  • The Walking Leaf sells for the same amount of bells as the Walkingstick.

[edit] Real Life

A Walking Leaf in real life.

The Walking Leaf is a bug that mimics the appearance of a leaf in real life. Their predators are not able to determine that they are an actual bug because of their excellent camouflage skills. It even rocks from side to side to mimic a real life blowing in the wind. Some even have bite marks to make it look like their fake leaf has been eaten.

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