BirthdayNovember 26th
Catchphrase"bo peep"
AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtBad Plaid Shirt

Willow (Japanese name: マリ, Mary) is a Snooty Sheep villager who made her intitial appearance in Animal Forest e+ and then later returned in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Not common to the Snooty persona, Willow is a rather sly and deceptive Villager, with a very pretentious attitude and fussy demeanor. She is commonly known to infatuate thick-headed Jocks with her looks and clothing styles and constantly puts down other female residents for not being able to pull such a feat off as easily. She completely shuns slobbish, uncouth, Lazy neighbours and avoids the sour attitudes of Cranky Villagers(yet eventually warms up to them with each conversation she gets inadvertently stuck in with them).

[edit] Appearance

Willow is a small sheep with a beige-coloured face, arms, and legs. Her wool coat is a solid mustard-yellow shade and the horns on either side of her head are a vibrant purple tone. Disregarding her Snooty personality, Willow has a very cute and innocent look to her face(especially in the eyes and mouth)that simply feeds her deceiving habits further.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

"Willow" could relate to a weeping willow tree, a tree with very fine leaves and branches that could be relevant to this resident's overall soft outer appearance. Her Japanese name, Mary, is possible a reference to the nursey rhyme Mary had a little lamb.

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