AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Forest
Animal Forest+
Animal Forest e+
Original Shirt"Dark Polka Shirt"
House MusicK.K. Rock

Woolio is a Jock Sheep Villager who has made appearances in all of the Animal Crossing Forest games and Animal Crossing


[edit] Personality

Woolio will get on with Peppy, Normal and fellow Jock villagers because they share similar interests. However, Woolio will not get on with Cranky and Lazy Villagers because their conversations often leave him feeling confused and they do not share the same passion as him with sports, especially with Lazy Villagers.

[edit] Appearance

Woolio is a sheep with pink fur, which is slightly odd for a male sheep. He also has golden horns, dark sunglasses and a green star located on his right cheek.

[edit] House

Woolio has a lot of elements of Kiddie Series in his furniture and some Robo furniture. He also has a mega fizzoid.

[edit] Name Meaning

Woolio's name may come from the fact that Sheep's fur is made into wool.

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