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Scientific NameAnguilliformes
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Date AvailabilityJune - September 1
Time Availability4pm - 9am
Sales Price2,000 Bells
Shadow SizeLong and Skinny
Tank Size

The Eel is a fish introduced in the first game, and brought back into the other two.



This is what your player says when you catch a Eel:

Animal Crossing

"I caught an eel! I've been told they're rEELy tough to catch! (I'm sorry.)"

Animal Crossing: Wild World

"I caught an eel! Slippery little sucker!"

Animal Crossing: City Folk

"I caught an Eel! I'm just Eel-lated!"


This is what the meny will say when you catch the Eel:

Animal Crossing: Wild World

They are actually born in the ocean. They have scales that are too small to be seen.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Since they can breathe through their skin as long as it's wet, these can live on land.


This is what Blathers will say when you donate this fish:

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Grilled eel is supposedly quite succulent, but I have a bit of advice... Do NOT bring live eels to a cookout. Causes a bit of a scene, don't you know.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Eels are often thought of as river dwellers...but they actually go out to sea to lay their eggs, eh wot? If you can look past their slimy nature, you might notice they have round, expressive little eyes!


  • Despite some Eels's ability to shock people, you're allowed to carelessly hold one in the game.
  • The term "Eel" is used for all types of Eels, even ones that aren't in the same families.

Real Life

Eels are usually considered Predators, due to their fierce teeth and ability to sometimes shock people. An Eel's appearence is long and skinny unlike most fish. These fish keep to shallow waters, and hide in holes that they've made called Eel Pits. Even though this breed of fish is native to rivers, they are ironically born in the ocean.


An Eel in real life
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