Four-Leaf Clover

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Four-Leaf Clover
Four-Leaf Clover.jpg
A player finding the Four-Leaf Clover.
GrowsOnce every 3 days
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk

These lucky charms can be found randomly between patches of flat weeds. They are quite difficult to find, as there are weeds that look similar, but are not four leaf clovers. To obtain one all you have to to is press the 'B' button over one, and it's all a gamble of chance from there. They are considered a good luck charm in the Animal Crossing Series and rumour has it that it can higher your chances of encountering rare bugs and fish. Also, if they are placed in front of a buried coconut, will help you grow this difficult-to-grow seaside tree. A four leaf clover can either sit in your pockets, planted in front of a sappling coconut tree, be used as a decoration in your house, or be placed in your hair. Furthermore, if you put it in your house, the Happy Room Academy will give you more points as this is a lucky item.

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