Wart Jr.

Wart Jr.
Wart Jr., the Cranky Frog
Species Frog
Gender Male
Birthday August 21st
Catchphrase "giribbit"
Personality Cranky
Appearances Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original Shirt Sharp Outfit
House Music "To The Edge"
Picture Inscription "I've got my eye on you"
House N/A

Wart Jr. (Japanese name: サム, Sam) is a frog who first appeared in Animal Crossing and has been in every other game ever since!



Wart Jr. is a Cranky villager, meaning he will often offend Jock villagers by criticising their beliefs. He will get along well with [[Snooty] and fellow Cranky villagers thanks to their similar personalities. He will admire Lazy villagers because of their laid-back attitude about matters. Wart Jr. will often gossip about Normal and Peppy villagers to the player.


Wart Jr. is a orange/brown coloured frog with warts dotted around his face and torso. Some players may mistake Wart Jr's appearance to be that of a Lazy villager's due to his half-closed eyes.


Wart Jr.'s house contains an Old Brick Wall and a Sandlot, his house is relatively empty at the start of the game.

Name Meaning

This Villager's name is Wart Jr. because he has many warts on his body, however, "Jr." could refer to him being possibly connected to Wart of Super Mario Bros. 2.


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