Catchphrase"aye aye"
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Forest
Animal Forest e+
Animal Forest+
Original Shirt"Orange Pinstripe"
House MusicN/A

Admiral (Japanese name: イッテツ, Ittetsu) is a Cranky Bird Villager who has made appearances in all of the Animal Crossing Forest games and Animal Crossing.


[edit] Personality

As a Cranky villager, he will appear rather cold towards the player at the start but will gradually get closer to them as time goes by. Admiral has a serious a mature attitude in conversation, which will not appeal to Peppy and Jock villagers. Admiral will often talk about Normal villagers in a negative way to the player when they are not around. Snooty villagers will get along well with Admiral due to their shared personality.

[edit] Appearance

Admiral is a green with a white jaw line and orange, circular cheeks. He has several orange rings going around his tail and a yellow beak with matching feet.

[edit] House

Admiral's house is fairly orientally influenced with 4 bonsai trees, 5 samurai suits, a howloid, a japanese doll and two exotic screens.

[edit] Name Meaning

Admiral is a chief commander of a ship, which may lead the player to believe he is a seagull.

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