AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtBlue Grid Shirt
House MusicK.K. Technopop

Aisle (Japanese name: アイル Airu) is a lazy cub villager. He only appeared in one of the games in the Animal Crossing series, that game being Animal Forest e+.

[edit] Personality

As being a lazy villager, Aisle enjoys eating and sleeping. He mostly doesn't get along with jock villagers since they encourage him to do more excersise which, he hates. Aisle may conflict with snooty villagers since they comment on how he doesn't look after his physical appearance, which is another thing he doesn't care about.

[edit] Appearance

Aisle is a cub with mostly blue fur. He has some white fur areas, those being his muzzle and the tips of his paws. Aisle's ears are rounded, with an inner colouration of pink. He has large, almost semi circular eyes with blue irises. There is a patch of brown hair at the top of his head that almost goes past his forehead. He has a brown nose with a white spot in the centre. There's a blue line that goes directly down from his nose, which leads to his mouth.

[edit] House

  • Old Brick Wallpaper
  • Tartan Rug
  • Dice stero that plays K.K. Technopop
  • Gyroids (x2)
  • Mini Spuntoid
  • Mini Dinkoid
  • Usually filled with many fish and/or bugs
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