Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Release Date[NA] December 5, 2005
[JP] November 23, 2005
[EU] March 31, 2006
[AU] December 7, 2005
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
Rating[ESRB] E
[PEGI] 3+

Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second official installment of the franchise and the first title in the series to debut on portable formatting on the Nintendo DS.


[edit] Background

Animal Crossing returns with its second installment in the praised Animal Crossing Series, but this time for Nintendo's dual screen hand held! The touch screen is used as a menu and a keyboard for chatting with friends and offers addition control options. Like the previous installment, you are able to decorate and expand your home and also personalize your character. The game introduces several new characters and features not previously found in the original.

[edit] Story

Animal Crossing, being a casual game, has no real storyline. Your main objective is to simply live life; whether you spend time fishing for rare fish or celebrating birthdays with your neighbors. The possibilities in the game are endless with hundreds of different items to collect and trade. You can also have up to four players at once, all sharing the same home, but you cannot all play at the same time.

[edit] Starting Off

The game begins with the player sitting in a Taxi driven by Kapp'n, a character who asks you a series of multiple choice questions which determine the facial features of your character. When you finally arrive in your new town, you will see your face, which cannot be changed. Also in the cab, you will be asked the name of the town and get a sneak peek at the town itself. Your adventure begins with a short tutorial that takes you through multiple features of the game including how to utilize the various menus and how to interact with the locals. You'll also be introduced to Tom Nook, the local store owner, Tortimer, the mayor of the town, and Pelly or Phyllis, Pelican sisters who work at the Town Hall, one working the day shift while the other works during the night.

A major part of the game is introduced during this tutorial called mortgage, which is set by Tom Nook. For building your new home, you must pay Nook back in return. This can be done at your own pace and is not a requirement to be filled, but by paying off your mortgage Tom Nook will increase the size of your home a little at a time, while also adding more to the mortgage. Now that your new life has begun you can start meeting new friends in town or online, purchasing tools, expanding the museum, collecting items and decorating your home or yourself, and just have fun!

[edit] Offline Gameplay

Unlike the previous game the town has an 'endless' feel, instead of the screen switching between acres it will follow with your character. You can move your character by touching the stylus against the screen or double tap to run and by holding the stylus against the screen he/she will follow it. Everything including talking to neighbors and fishing can be done with the stylus as well as physical DS controls; the choice is yours.

[edit] Online Gameplay

Playing online is this game's claim to fame. Animal Crossing: Wild World utilizes the wifi capabilities in a way no other game has done before it. It focuses on socialization, giving the player many options to interact with others by inviting friends to their town or visiting other friends. There are virtually no limits on what you can do online! With up to four people in each town, the players can do anything from fishing to chatting, or giving and lending objects. There is no set storyline, just an easy going freestyle type of gameplay with three online friends.

[edit] Features

  • The bottom screen will represent the ground and it is also your menu screen were you will find most of your data and items. The upper screen is the sky where you can view constellations in the night sky or watch fireworks. You may also find some unexpected items or people floating by, so make use of that slingshot!
  • You may now use WiFi on the DS to connect with friends and visit their towns. You can talk using the Keyboard.
  • The town once again has Tom Nook's General Store and the Able Sister's Design Shop as well as a Town Hall, Museum, and some weekly visitors' tents.
  • Many new accessories have been added to the game including helmets and sunglasses, and the old item types have been expanded.
  • A new Hair Salon called Shampoodle can be unlocked where you can change the style and color of your hair based on your personality.
  • You may now decide on where your home will be located instead of being forced to live at a predetermined spot in town. Your home can now be vastly expanded to have multiple rooms including the main room, a room in the back, left, and right, a second floor, and the attic where your bed is located.
  • K.K. Slider can now be found in The Roost, a cafe under the Museum.
  • A new phone is added to the attic by your bed where you can alter various game options.

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