Animal Crossing Movie

Animal Crossing Movie
DirectorJōjin Shimura
ProducerBunshō Kajiya
WriterAya Matsui
Music DirectorKazumi Totaka
EditorToshio Henmi
Release DateDecember 16, 2006 (JPN)
Running Time81 minutes

The Animal Crossing Movie (also known as "Animal Forest: The Movie" in Japan) is a movie based heavily on the Animal Crossing Series and features many characters and themes from it. The movie was only released in Japan, but English dub version can be found on various sites. Such as The movie was released on December 16, 2006 in theatres and made around $5,000,000 at the box office.


[edit] Plot

Ai is young girl who has moved into the Animal Village to start a new life of her own. As the days pass by Ai befriends the local villagers including an adventurous human boy named Yū, an Elephant named Sari with a love for clothing design, and a peppy kitten name Buke. After settling in town Ai one day finds a message inside a bottle that leads her on a quest to fulfill a miracle on the eve of the Winter Festival.

[edit] Characters

The movie features many Animal villagers and characters from the actual game, with different names in the Japanese versions. The main difference between the characters in the game and in the movies is the obvious personality traits and the more unique attributes. The following are the characters and their voice actors from the film:

[edit] Main Characters

  • Ai (Yui Horie). Ai is the female protagonist of the movie and moves into the Animal Villager to start a new life. Ai is very naive and doesn't know much about the town, she just knows that she needs to start a new adventure.
  • Buke (Misato Fukuen). Buke is known as Rosie in America. Buke plays the role as one of Ai's first friends. She is very peppy and excited most of the time in the movie.
  • Sari (Fumiko Orikasa). Sari is known as Margie in America. Sari is another one of Ai's early friends and she is an aspiring fashion designer. She likes to work with the Able Sisters and grows a strong bond with Ai.
  • (Yū Kobayashi). Yū is a male human, the only other human in the movie, who loves to cosplay. He is very adventurous and loves to complete dangerous tasks. He and Arebēto have a close relationship and love to play pranks on the villagers.
  • Arebēto (Takatoshi Kaneko). Arebēto is known as Alfonso in America. He is a male crocodile and close friend to Yū. They love to get into trouble together and play pranks. Strangely, he can not swim.
  • Apollo (Masaki Terasoma). Aporo is known as Apollo in America. Aporo is male eagle who appears to be the older father-figure for Ai. He and Bianka have a strange past together. Aporo likes to grow flowers, specifically blue roses.
  • Bianka (Yurika Hino). Bianka is known as Whitney in America. Bianka is a female wolf who used to be a couple with Apollo, but they grew apart over time. She is very ladylike and acts as the mother-figure for Ai. She trys to teach Ai to be more of lady, but it doesn't really work.

[edit] Supporting Characters

  • Saruo (Yasuhiro Takato). Saruo is known as Champ in America. Champ is a male monkey who loves to work out. He doesn't speak much and is very to-himself.
  • Araso (Kazuya Tatekabe). Araso is known as Cesar in America. Cesar is a male Gorilla. He is somewhat old and seems to have a close friendship with Sakurajima.
  • Sakurajima (Yūji Ueda). Sakurajima is known as Cyrano in America. He is a male anteater and he is around the same age as Araso and they share a good friendship. They often go to the Roost to hangout and chat.
  • Tux (Hisao Egawa). Tux is known as Hopper in America. He is a male penquin who doesn't speak at all in the movie. Throughtout the film Tux tries to catch fish, but fails pretty much everytime and often catches strange items.

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