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Animal Forest e+ (AKA Doubutsu no Mori) is an import of the original Animal Crossing for the Gamecube which is literally the Japanese-translated version of the original translation put together by Nintendo of America's Treehouse division, including all of the new items and holidays added in the North American version that the Japanese version previously lacked. It was released in Japan on June 27, 2003 and as a rarity, this game was region-locked to Japanese Gamecube consoles. This game also added many more holidays than what was found in Animal Crossing.

[edit] Features

There are various interesting in-game features existent in this game that can be found in no other Animal Crossing installment to date, such as the possibility of waking up Tom Nook(who apparently lives within his store)after it has closed by banging on the front door three times with your Shovel. Surprisingly enough, Tom Nook will emerge in his pajamas and appear quite tired. He will follow you much slower than he usually does as you browse through his shop and you will find that the prices have unfortunately doubled. This version also features 77 new neighbors through the E-Reader cards and you can even choose which neighbors reside in your Town. This version also offers the feature of being able to place Town Decoration Items on signposts, which can be purchased at Nook's store.

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