Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake
Distribution (JPN)November 20 - December 15, 2009
Distribution (UK)N/A
Distribution (NA)November 15 - November 24, 2009


[edit] Appearance

This cake isn't the normal size of a cake. Instead, it appears as a much larger cake with three layers of frosting. On top there is a candle that is lightable, and is switched off at your touch.

[edit] Release Date

Japan from 20th November - 15th December 2009. North America from 15th - 24th November, 2009

[edit] Letter

The letter received for the anniversary cake in North America read: Dear [Player's name], Happy anniversary! You know what's great about this town? There's always something to celebrate and someone to celebrate with! To friends old and new! Nintendo

[edit] Reason for Receiving

The Anniversary Cake was released as a celebration of Animal Crossing: City folk's first birthday!

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