Auction House

Auction House
Where?City (ACCF)
When?8:00am until 9:00pm
What does it sell?Nothing display and bid items

The Auction House is a place where you can put items up for auction and bid on other items. It is a new addition to the game Animal Crossing: City Folk. You need to have Wi-Fi Connectivity to use it. There are two phases to every auction: display periods and bid periods.


[edit] Display Period

During the display period, you can't bid on other people's objects. This is the time where you display your own items that you want to auction off. You may only display one item per auction. And you set the main price on how many Bells someone must bid in order to win the object that you put up for bidding. Choose carefully!

Lloid will tell you when the next display or bid period will be held - just ask.

[edit] Bid Period

When the display period ends, the auctions will now switch to the bid period. Now you can place on items that you hope to win in the auction. Here are the rules to placing bids:

  • You may place only one bid per auction
  • You can't see bids other players make
  • You must have enough Bells in your pocket to cover your bid
  • When the auction ends and you were the highest bidder, you get the item
  • If you put an item on display and someone bids on it, you get the Bells and they get the item
  • Bells and items are automatically transferred by the auction house when the auction ends

[edit] Viewing and bidding

In order to be able to see items that you can bid on, you need to have friends added to your Friend Roster and make sure that they are putting items up for display so you can see them. If they're not participating in the Auction House, then it's likely that you won't ever see anything there. Same goes for you. If you don't display anything during the display period then your friends won't be able to see or bid on anything. The Auction House depends on other people.

[edit] Wii Connect 24

The Auction House updates through WiiConnect24. You need to have that option turned on in order to use the Auction House.

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