BirthdayFebruary 7th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtBlue Aloha Shirt

Boomer (Japanese name: ショーイ, Shoi) is a Lazy Penguin Villager who has appeared in the original Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: City Folk. He never showed up in Animal Crossing: Wild World.


[edit] Personality

To fit his lazy personality, Boomer enjoys the wonders of food and sleeping as much as the next, but also tends to weather almost any sticky situation with a calm and collected attitude. As is a given with every villager, Boomer takes part in fishing, bug catching, and paleontology on a regular basis. An odd topic which may come up in conversations between this neighbour is his alter ego of the designer world known as "Fashion Lad", which is a self-proclaimed hero who is able to prevent fashion-based tradgedies. As would be expected, villagers with the preset Jock and Snooty personalities come about making friends with Boomer difficult. Other than that, he should more than likely get along perfectly with everyone else.

[edit] Appearance

Boomer is a sewer green-coloured penguin with a pilot's hat(complete with goggles). He has partially closed, relaxed eyes and a medium-sized orange beak with small-sized orange webbed feet. His underchin, stomach, and the tips of his fins are white. Due to his colour scheme and overall pleasant appearance, he is sometimes seen as almost elderly-looking.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

Completely unrelated to it's species, Boomer could be an offset reference to the sound fighter planes make when firing missles at each other. This is stereotypically suggested by this resident's permanent headwear.

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