Bus Stop


The bus stop is a new addition to the Animal Crossing series. It was introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

[edit] Where are they?

In total, there are two bus stops in the game. The first bus stop is located in your town. Is is directly below your town gate and will be directly above your fountain when you get one. You also have the option to open up your town map, selecting the buildings tab, and then press A on the word Bus Stop to find out where the bus stop is. The second bus stop is located in the city. It is below the fountain and the stairs and is blocked off at the sides so you do not run into the street.

[edit] What does it do?

The bus stop summons the bus to come and get you when you would like the go to the city. Kapp'n will be the person whom will be driving the bus. To summon the bus, you will need to go up the ramp of the bus stop, have your character face the bus sign, and press A. This will prompt two options: Go to the city! or Nevermind. Choose Go to the city! and the bus will be there in only a few seconds. The bus stop in the city works the same way.

[edit] I can't get on the bus!

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to get on the bus:

  • 1. You must complete all of you tasks that Tom Nook gives you at the beginning of the game.
  • 2. There is an obstacle (snowball, villager, etc.) in the bus' path.
  • 2. You may not have your town gates open.

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