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Candi is a Peppy Mouse villager who made appearances in the first 4 games in the Animal Crossing Series.


[edit] Personality

Candi will annoy the likes of Snooty and Cranky villagers with her cheery ways and will often find them rude. She will enjoy talking with the player along with Normal, Jock, Lazy and fellow Peppy villagers because of their shared interests and conversations.

[edit] Appearance

Candi is a pink mouse who has a small smile. She has lighter pink cheeks and long black eyelashes. The insides of her ears are blue.

[edit] House

Candi's house mainly includes furniture from the Lovely Series. She has the Rose Wall and Mod Flooring. She has two gyroids and various Apple furniture.

[edit] Name Meaning

Candi's name may come from the shade of pink that is otherwise known as 'Candy Pink'

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