BirthdayJanuary 6th (20 rabbit years old)
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk Animal Crossing New Leaf
Original ShirtBlue Retro Shirt
House Music"K.K. Technopop"

Carmen (Japanese name: チョコ Choco) is a female Rabbit originating from Animal Crossing: City Folk. She shares the name of a Mouse Villager who does not make an appearance in this game. She is one of the few new characters to AC:CF, which is a rare occurence as far as this franchise is concerned.


[edit] Appearance

Carmen is mostly brown. She has a white face with rosy cheeks. She has a small nose and polka-dot eyes, not to mention a noticable pair of buck teeth. The insides of her ears also coincidentally match the colour of her original shirt.

[edit] Personality

Carmen is a peppy rabbit villager, so she is often happy and postitive. She will generally get along with most villagers, except to the snooty and cranky villagers, due to their rude and negative personality. She can easily get excited, even to the slightest things and is always happy to see player.

[edit] House

Carmen has a space themed room, with furniture from the Space Theme. Her Tape Deck plays K.K. Technopop, a song performed by K.K. Slider.

[edit] Name Meaning

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