Characters (ACWW)

Many of the old characters make a return; along with many new characters for you to get along with. So get ready to learn how to interact and cope with the different personalities of all these colorful animals. Good luck!

  • Ailís - Ailis is a penguin. She will appear if you build a snowman in your town and have enough fish.
  • Blanca - Blanca will come to your town when you've set your DS to watch for wireless downloads (adjust using the phone in your bedroom). When you start playing on Wi-Fi she will occasionally come for a visit. She'll also let you draw her a new face! For others to see.
  • Blathers - The owl who ran the museum in Animal Crossing GC returns once more to run the town museum. It must be a pretty boring job; he can't even stay awake!
  • Brewster - Brewster is a pigeon. He runs the cafe in the basement of the museum. Come often, and you may just get to know him better...
  • Celeste - Celeste is the curator of the museum's sister. She is the one who lets you design constellations and runs the observatory.
  • Copper and Booker - These two cops who did nothing except stay at their headquarters and give you items in Animal Crossing GC, return as the town guards. There are new features they conduct, such as changing your town flag, visiting other towns, and much more!
  • Cornimer - Cornimer is a mysterious character that visits the second week of October, or commonly called the Acorn Festival. When Cornimer comes, give him as many acorns as you can (no rotten ones!) and he'll reward you with a piece of furniture from the Mush series.
  • Redd - Crazy Redd returns in this game, but now he is even crazier with more great prices up his sleeve. You can't get in his sales tent without a password!
  • Dr. Shrunk - Dr. Shrunk is a shrink that will pass through the town randomly to help you bring out your feelings. He will also add to the animals' many emotions in the game.
  • Gracie - Gracie returns in the game with the same role. She has a more intense personality now.
  • Gulliver - A far-out space pelican that can occasionally be seen flying across the sky. Shoot him down with your slingshot and you can meet him!
  • Harriet - The kind, cheerful poodle that runs the barber shop in Nookington's. She's very friendly and loves to chat, but she can also change the style and color of your hair... for a fee, of course.
  • Joan - Joan is the same as in the old game as she returns with her many turnips to sell you every Sunday morning.
  • Kapp'n - He is the cab driver in the beginning but he can sometimes be seen at the roost relaxing. Drinking his coffee.
  • Katrina - This mysterious cat-like fortune teller is Katrina. She will come on a random weekday and tell you your future- for a small fee of course.
  • K.K. Slider - The guy who sat on the box on Saturday nights around 8pm and who greets you at the start returns once more. Instead of meeting him outside you will meet him in the Cafe which is located in the basement of the Museum.
  • Lyle - Lyle offers you a unique type of insurance. Make sure you read the fine print before buying it from this sly cat.
  • Mr. Resetti - Yes, the lovable Mole who likes to yell at you returns to keep the peace! (WHY, NINTENDO?!) He'll be sure to give you a lecturing you'll never forget if you forget to save!
  • Pascal - Pascal replaces Gulliver in this new Animal Crossing game. He is a thinker with some deep pockets. He comes up in the tide just like the previous game.
  • Pelly - Pelly is a pelican that runs the Civic Center and the Post Office in the Town Hall. Though the town hall is open 24-hours a day, it's too much for her so her sister Phyllis takes the night shift.
  • Pete - Pete is the mail man- i mean.. mail-pelican. He can be seen 9AM and 5PM flying across the top screen. If you shoot him down with a slingshot, you can meet him!
  • Phyllis - Phyllis is also a pelican, and is Pelly's much-more-grumpy sister. You can find her working the night shift at the town hall. Don't take her bad mood personally, she treats everyone this way!
  • Rover - Rover is a cat that helps you while in tag mode. But he can occasionally be seen at the Roost also. He may not have any special gifts for you but he's always in a good mood!
  • Saharah - Sahara the Camel travels into your town randomly throughout the week and is a vendor of carpets and wall papers, supposedly she uses the money she makes off of you to help her own town back home. Saharah however is a very forgetful person and forgets the 'map' she uses to know who she's delivering her goods too, so she asks you for some help and asks you to deliver random goods to certain villagers in your town. If you do her bidding, in the end she will give you an exclusive wallpaper or carpet that only she can provide, however you are not able to choose what you will get. What Day and Time will Saharah Visit You? Saharah will come on a random day Monday through Friday and will be visible from 6am - 12am.
  • Mabel and Sable - Mabel and Sable make a return as the two hedgehogs who design your patterns for clothes, wallpaper, carpet, flags, or umbrellas.
  • Tom Nook - The lovable raccoon who gives you a head start in your new, Animal Crossing: WW life. He runs the local shop and expands your house all for just a small fee.
  • Wendell - Wendell use to give you carpets for fish. Now in this Animal Crossing game he will give you a unique design to put anywhere you choose if you feed him.

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