BirthdayAugust 28th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtN/A
House Music"K.K. Waltz"
Picture InscriptionN/A

Chrissy (Japanese name: クリスチーヌ, Christine) is a Peppy Rabbit Villager who made her first appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk. She is a pink rabbit that wears a polka dot hood and shirt. She is very colorful in both appearance and personality.


[edit] Personality

Chrissy is very peppy and seems to be always excited. Chrissy is very upbeat and jumpy. She enjoys talking about fashion and eating food, even though she sometimes complains she eats too much. Chrissy will often ask for items, especially pink furniture. She is very approachable and loves to talk to people.

[edit] Appearance

Chrissy takes on characteristics that are almost human-like in comparison. First off: rather than appearing to belong to the rabbit species, it seems as though she is wearing a rabbit costume given how the colour of her fur(which is dominantly pink with white polka dots)is cut off in places near the edge of her face. She has big, joyful eyes with pink eyelashes, a tiny cyan-coloured nose, medium-sized mouth, and a tuft of blonde hair sticking out from under her "fur".

[edit] House

Chrissy seems to style her home based on her personality. Her home mainly consists of bright pinks, in this case the Lovely Series, and other girly items. The following are items inside of her home:

[edit] Name Meaning

The meaning behind Chrissy's name is currently unknown.

[edit] Trivia

  • Chrissy's counterpart character, Francine, is almost exactly opposite of Chrissy. Francine where a black polka dot shirt, compared to Chrissy's white, is Snooty, and also is blue with white polka dots.
  • Chrissy was originally in Animal Forest e+.
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