The city is a brand new feature that was added in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It has given new and present characters their own stores instead of tents or making them wander around the town; like in Animal Crossing: Wild World.


[edit] Getting to the city

To access the city, there is a bus stop in front of town, where Kapp'n, the bus driver, will drive you to the city. It's a smaller area, but has many new unique shops you can go in. In the middle of the city plaza is a big fountain that villagers say you can toss coins in and a fish coins out from it, even though this has been confirmed as a rumor.

[edit] Leaving the city

You can leave the city the same way that you entered it. Go back to where you got off the bus near the stairs and you will realize that it is the bus stop that you can use to summon the bus. This bus stop will take your from the bustling city to your subtle town.

[edit] Stores

The city has a small collection of stores that are either brand new or have appeared in some form in a past game.

[edit] Shampoodle's

Harriet now has her own shop, so now, hairstyles can be accessed near the start. She also gives you the opportunity to wear the Mii Mask, if you want to look like your Mii. You also have to answer questions given by her to determine what hairstyle and color you get.

[edit] Auction House

This is where you can buy items on auction, or put your own item up. This store is located behind Harriet's Beauty Salon. Here you will also have the ability to bid for your friends item's what have been up for sale over WiiConnect 24, and you can now buy your friends not needed items, whenever. It is run by Lloyd the Gyroid.

[edit] GracieGrace

In this store, Gracie's assistant Labelle runs the store while Gracie is away on her fashion tour. She sells expensive clothes, accessories, and furniture that you can not get anywhere else.

[edit] Marquee

This theatre is where Dr. Shrunk can teach you emotions. This store is located to the left of GracieGrace. Dr Shrunk will hold shows here on a regular basis which will teach you emotions, as he did in Wild World. This will give you the option to show off your emotions to your friends via Wi-Fi.

[edit] Kick's Shoeshinery

Kicks will be sitting on a porch waiting for you to talk to him. When you do, you will find out that he can shine your shoes to match whatever you are wearing. Behind Kicks is a boarded up door.

[edit] Happy Room Academy

This is where you can see what friends are doing to their houses, and see some very nice rooms, which have had high rankings by the Happy Room Academy. Once again, the HRA committee will rate your house on how you have set out the furniture and then send you your score on a regular basis. In the back of the HRA Academy is a room which has earned a lot of HRA points. After trying to swindle you out of buying his insurance, Lyle has given up and now works for the HRA. This store is located next to GracieGrace.

[edit] Katrina's Fortune Telling

Once again Katrina is back to tell you your fortunes. For a small price, she will predict your future. She can also give you charms to do, and they will give you good luck if you follow through with them. Katrina is located to the east of Shampoodle's.

[edit] Crazy Redd's

Redd now has a shop in the city! At first, you will not be able to get access to it as you need an invite and 3,000 Bells to enter. Once you have that, you are in. Redd sells paintings and furniture. Beware, most of the time his paintings are fake.

[edit] Resetti Surveillance Center

Resetti is back once again and he is still as moody as ever. This center can be reached after 8:00pm by catching a ride to the City. If the orange cones are pushed aside, you will be able to enter. Who knows what you will find inside! You can talk to him though and he may hand over the Silver Shovel.

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