Controls (ACWW)

AC:WW is played on the DS

[edit] Basic Controls

Top Screen:
During game play, the top screen will display the sky. You may occasionally even see something (or someone!) flying across the screen. And when you open your menu, the the action on the bottom will move to the top and the sky will no longer be visible.

Touch Screen:
All the action happens here. You navigate through the Menus, interact with the environment and characters, also, if you stay still for a moment the time and date will appear in the bottom right corner.

Control Pad:
The control pad can move your character or your cursor around. It's the alternative of using the stylus.

Start Button:
Using the start button you can bring up the option to save or send a message in the chat menu.

Select Button:
Using the select button you can open the chat menu to display text on the screen for others to see. Pressing select again will close the menu.

L Button:
Just like R, Use L to cycle through the menus, through the color palettes (when designing patterns), and running in town.

R Button:
Just like L, use R to cycle through the menus, through the color palettes (when designing patterns), and running in town.

X Button
While in a house or the museum you can adjust the view of the camera. Anywhere else it opens up the map. Pressing it again will close the menu.

Y Button
Opens your inventory where you can adjust your items, your mail, or your character's clothes/tools. Press it again to close the menu.

A Button
In addition to confirming selections the A button has multiple functions. While standing next to a person or object press A to do any of the following:

  • Talk to someone
  • Open a Door
  • Shake a Tree
  • Read a sign
  • Use a tool
  • Grab/move furniture

    B Button
    This button is used to puck things up or pull plants out of the ground. You can also use B to exit any menu screen, or speed up the text when a character is talking to you. You can also use B to run like the L or R buttons.

    [edit] The Stylus

    Using the stylus makes the game a lot easier- for the most part. But anything you can do with the main controls, you can also do with the touch screen, vice versa. To move your character is easy with the stylus. Your character will always be in the center of the screen so just place the stylus in the direction you want to move. The farther away your character is from the stylus the faster you'll move.

    And to navigate through the menus is even simpler. Just tap the tabs at the top. And you can move items in your inventory around too, also patterns.

    You can use the stylus to interact with items too. To pick something up all you have to do is tap it. If your moving items around in your house you face the item you wish to move, and drag it around. Its similar using tools outside. To use the tool, tap your character. Just make sure your facing what you wish to interact with.

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