Those burdened with the Cranky personality will always appear to have a skeptical or critical aspect on life in the best of times, constantly criticizing others and the concepts they follow. A Cranky Villager is typically past the mid-point of their lives, thus aiding the overall whiny attitudes they take on. Villagers with the Cranky personality are also very opinionated, stuck in the delusional reality that their way is literally the only way, even though they never end up walking the walk regardless of how far their mouths run off considering so. Those with the Cranky personality are commonly seen complaining about the simplest things, be it whether to walk fast or simply run, or if early-risers should become afternoon-sleepers. Overall, Cranky villagers tend to appear gruff and abrasive on the outside, but there always lies a slight spark of kindness in their eyes.


[edit] List of Cranky Villagers

There are about 54 cranky villagers to appear in the Animal Crossing series. Here's a list of cranky villagers alphabetically.

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