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Downloadable Content (DLC) was first confirmed in an interview in Nintendo Power for Animal Crossing: City Folk. Downloadable content includes items (furniture, clothing, etc.) not normally available in the game and encoded in the disc to recieve at a later time. So far Nintendo has released fourteen items, some available for certain countries only and some not, but the items are tradeable over WiFi and are also available for purchase in the catalog at Tom Nook's Store. There are currently 60 confirmed DLC items.


[edit] How Do I Obtain Them?

In order to obtain any downloadable content at all, you must make sure that WiiConnect24 is turned on. You can do this by talking to Rover and turning it on the when you talk to Rover on the bus on the first trip to the city, or you can turn it on via the phone if you didn't turn it on with Rover the first time.

[edit] Pete and Wendell

Pete delivering DLC

Pete and Wendell will be the ones who will deliver your DLC. If it is an item/object, then Pete will come and tell you that you have received a letter from Nintendo. If it is a clothing pattern, then Wendell will be the one delivering it to you. Wendell will always deliver his DLC before Pete if they are scheduled to arrive together. Pete will, in turn, appear the next time the game loads.

[edit] What if my Pockets are full?

If this is the case, which it is with many people, Pete will say that he will hold the letter for you until you clear out your mail to make some room for the DLC. After you have made room for at least one more letter, you cannot get your DLC right away. Instead, you must load the game again and Pete will be there ready to deliver your DLC to you once more.

[edit] Releases

Item Item
Red Pikmin Celebration Hat & Vest
Top Dirndl Dress
Girl's Day Updo Pile of Leaves
Shamrock Hat Red and White Team Hat
Tokonoma Student Cap and Uniform
Labrador Model Black Nintendo DSi
Chihuahua Model White Nintendo DSi
Dachshund Model Flamenco Dress and Hat
Dalmation Model Carp Banner
Election Poster Bus Model
Anniversary Cake Green Headgear
Wii Locker Mayor's Flag
Shopping Cart Ghost Umbrella
Nintendo DS Lite Sandcastle
Snowman Head Ladder Shades
Fedora Chair Hot Dog Hat
Dolphin Model Festive Wreath
Morning Glory Hagoita
Eiffel Tower Tam o'shanter
Eggplant Cow Cupid Bench
Hopscotch Flooring Emporer's Cap
GameCube Dresser Pave Clock
Flower Bouquet Blossom Lantern
Wildflower Floor Egg T.V.
Kimbap Plate Kintaro Wig & Kintarou no Haragake Pattern
School Cap and White School Cap Gracie Dresser
Guards Helmet and Uniform Tsunokakushi
Victory Korea T-shirt and Horned Hat Banana Split Hat
Samgyetang bowl Sweets Player
Shaved Ice Lamp Cucumber Horse
Sporty Wall Hanbok
Kapp'n Model Hangul T-shirt
Sporty Floor White Police Cap
Maple Umbrella Mush Hanger
Tteok Plate Snowman Vanity
Jingle TV Golden Bed
Golden Chair Golden Dresser
Golden Table Golden Closet
Golden Wallpaper Golden Warrior
Golden King Golden Screen
Golden Bench Golden Clock
Golden Carpet Coffin of Terror
Tombstone of Terror Skeleton Remains
Crystal Ball Carpet of Terror
Cursed Tombstone Suspicious Bust
Witch Brew Crazy Clock
Wall of Terror

[edit] Upcoming Downloadable Content

  • "The next scheduled delivery is another item from the Creepy series!"

[edit] Downloadable Content Rumors

  • A sword being given out to support the game Sonic and the Black Knight game from SEGA
  • A Giratina Figure being given out to commemorate the release of Pokémon Platinum in the Europe region.
  • A water gun being given out to celebrate the beginning of summer.

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