Appearences Animal Forest,
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Original ShirtBear Shirt
House MusicN/A

Dozer (Japanese name:スリープ Sleep) is a Lazy Bear villager who made appearances in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+


[edit] Personality

Dozer will not get along with Snooty villagers since he does not take pride in his appearance and the fact that their personalities are completely different. He will also not get along with Jock villagers because he finds them too energetic and that they often row over Dozer's lack of exercise routines. He will get on perfectly fine with Normal, Peppy and fellow Lazy villagers due to their similarities in personality and conversation.

[edit] Appearance

Dozer is a purple bear with a brown muzzle. He constantly looks asleep and occasionally looks like he is sleep-walking. He has a constant smile on his face and a black unibrow.

[edit] House

Surprisingly, Dozer has 6 lamps in his room. The room is that bright, Dozer may struggle to sleep! He also has an owl clock and two gyroids.

[edit] Name Meaning

As the name suggests, Dozer likes his sleep and his name, personality and catchphrase may back this up.

[edit] Trivia

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