Evening Cicada

Evening Cicada
Evening Cicada.png
Scientific NameTanna japonensis
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
LocationClinging to tree trunks.
Date AvailabilityJuly - August
Time Availability5pm - 7pm
Sales Price550 Bells

The Evening Cicada is one of four breeds of cicada found throughout the entire Animal Crossing series so far.


[edit] How to Catch

Like all cicada featured in this game, the Evening Cicada prefers resting upon tree trunks when it decides to show(as it’s name suggests, it only appears during the early hours of the evening). Since it’s sensitive to noise, you must inch your character ever so slightly unless you’re just within swinging distance and then put your Net to action.

[edit] Player

This is what your player says when you catch a Evening Cicada:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

I caught an evening cicada. It likes the nightlife!

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

I caught an evening cicada! I can't stand the chirping!

[edit] Menu

When looking at the Evening Cicada in the bug menu it will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

They mark the start of summer.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

The chirping of this insect marks the beginning of summer.

[edit] Museum

If you donate this bug to the Museum, Blathers will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

The evening cicada's cry can be heard in the morning and at night, typically. Strangely enough, if the weather is poor, they cry during the day, as well! I suppose they only remain active in cool weather, wot? Fickle little beasts. Perhaps they could do us all a favor and move to some frozen land, hoo!

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

Evening cicadas got their name from their tendency to start crying once it starts getting dark out. Interestingly enough, these creatures apparently will also cry on an overcast day if it gets dark enough. Don't be fooled by their lovely voices, however. They are quite disgusting to gaze upon...

[edit] Real Life

The Evening Cicada is a breed of cicada which is native to Japan. It only begins to make it’s recognizable chirping sound once the sun sets, and it is a sound which is commonly enjoyed by many inhabitants of this country.

[edit] Appearance

An Evening Cicada in real life

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