Fish (ACWW)

This is a list of fish that you can catch in the game Animal Crossing: Wild World. You have three options when you catch a fish. You can either sell the fish to Tom Nook, keep them in your house, or donate them to the Museum.

[edit] Fish Menu

When you press the green arrow in the corner of the screen, and tap the picture of the fish, your fish menu will be brought up. If you keep fishing throughout the year, you'll find the menu filling up. The menu acts like an encyclopedia and gives you the size of the fish and an interesting fact about them.

[edit] Golden Fishing Rod

After catching one of every fish, you will receive the Golden Fishing Rod.

[edit] Fish List

Bitterling9003.7inRiversNov-FebAll Day
Pale Chub2005.9inRiversJune-Sept9am-4pm
Crucian Carp12011.7inRiversAll YearAll Day
Dace20013.7inRiversAll Year4pm-9am
Barbel Steed20019.5inRiversAll Year9pm-4am
Carp3002.4ftRiversMar-JuneAll Day
Koi20002.4ftRiversAll Year4pm-9am
Goldfish13005.9inRiversAll YearAll Day
Popeyed Goldfish13005.9inRiversDec-Feb9am-4pm
Killifish3001.6inPondsApr-AugAll Day
Crawfish2504.7inPondsApr-SeptAll Day
Frog1204.7inPondsMay-AugAll Day
Freshwater Goby3005.9inRiversAll Year4pm-9am
Loach3007.8inPondsMar-MayAll Day
Giant Snakehead55002.6ftPondsJuly-AugJuly-Aug
Bluegill1209.8inRiversAll Year9am-4pm
Yellow Perch24013.7inRiversOct-MarAll Day
Black Bass3005.9inRiversAll YearAll Day
Pond Smelt3005.9inPondDec-FebAll Day
Char380019.5inWaterfallMar-June, Sept-Nov4am-9m, 4pm-9pm
Cherry Salmon100013.7inRiversMar-June, Sept-Nov4am-9am, 4pm-9pm
Rainbow Trout8002.3ftRiversMar-June, Sept-Nov4pm-9pm
Salmon7002.9ftRiversSeptAll Day
King Salmon18005.2ftRiversSeptAll Day
Piranha250011.7inRiversSummerAll Day
Sea Butterfly10001.2inOceanDec-FebAll Day
Jellyfish1009.8inOceanLate AugustAll Day
Seahorse11003.1inOceanApr-NovAll Day
Clownfish6505.9inOceanApr-SeptAll Day
Zebra Turkeyfish40011.7inOceanApr-NovAll Day
Puffer Fish24013.7inOceanJuly-SeptAll Day
Horse Mackerel15015.6inOceanAll YearAll Day
Barred Knifejaw500023.4inOceanMar-NovAll Day
Sea Bass1603.75ftOceanAll YearAll Day
Red Snapper30002.9ftOceanAll YearAll Day
Olive Flounder8002.6ftOceanAll YearAll Day
Squid40013.7inOceanDec-AugAll Day
Octopus50023.4ftOceanAll YearAll Day
Football Fish200023.4inOceanNov-Mar4pm-9am
Tuna70007.5ftOceanNov-MarAll Day
Blue Marlin100007.2ftOceanJuly-SeptAll Day
Ocean Sunfish40009.75ftOceanApr-Sept4am-9pm
Hammerhead Shark80008.1ftOceanJune-SeptAll Day
Coelacanth150004.9ftOceanAll Year4pm-9am (when raining)

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