Fishing Tournament

The Fishing Tournament is in all games in the Animal Crossing series. It is an event that requires you to compete with other neighbors from your village. Chip is the special character who hosts it.


[edit] Animal Crossing


The fishing tourneys are on Sundays in June and November. The Fishing Tournament will start at 6:00 and end at 6:00pm. Go down to the lake and you will find Chip and his tent set up there. In order to participate, you must enter a fish. The player or villager that hands Chip the fish that measures the longest will win.

[edit] Types of Contests

There are two types of contests that Chip can ask you to participate in:

  • 1. Specific Fish - Chip will name a fish and you must find it in the rivers or the ocean. Only that fish will be accepted. If you give Chip anything else, he will eat it up. Make sure that you get a decent sized fish entered!
  • 2. All Fish - You may bring any kind of fish to Chip. You need to make sure that the fish you catch looks long and big, as the measurement length will decide whether you win or not.

[edit] Results

After the fishing tourney is over for the day, Chip will post who won on the bulletin board. If you won, he will send you your prize in the mail the next day.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

This time around, Tortimer will be hosting the event instead of Chip. The tournament occurs every second or third Sunday on all months except for June, July, August and September. The tournament will start at 12:00pm and will end at 6:00pm. Tortimer will be at the Town Hall plaza. If you do not have a fishing pole, Tortimer will supply you with one for free. The goal of the fishing tournament is the same - catch the longest fish possible. There are still the two same contests as Animal Crossing GCN.

[edit] Types of Contests

  • Specific Fish
  • All Fish

[edit] Results

At the end of the tournament, Tortimer will post the winner of the match on the bulletin board and sen the winner their prize, a silver or golden trophy.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk


The fishing tournament is back - and so is Chip! He will set up his tent at 6:00am and leave at 6:00pm. The tournament occurs the second of third Sunday every month except for June - September.

[edit] Contests

The type of trophy you receive depends on what tourney you participate in.

Tourney type Trophy Months Saturday
Any fish Gold Trophy February, April, October, December Second
Specified fish Silver Trophy January, March, May, November Third

Four of the eight months, there will be a specific fish tournament. For the other remaining months, there will be a random fish tournament. For the specific fish tournament, the fish that can be specified is chosen at random from a potential three different fish. See the table below.

Month Potential fish
January Pond Smelt, Horse Mackerel, Dab
March Crucian Carp, Loach, Sea Bass
May Black Bass, Sea Bass, Red Snapper
November Carp, Black Bass, Horse Mackerel

[edit] Results

As in all the games, after 6:00pm the results will be posted on the Town Hall's bulletin board and if you have won, the next day you will receive your trophy in the mail.

[edit] Other

  • There is no second place prize.
  • Every time you give Chip a fish that is bigger than the current record, he will give you a random common item.
  • Chip eats your fish you give him.

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