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Flash (Japanese name: みちる, Michiru) is a Cranky Bird Islander who has made his first and only appearance in the original Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+.


[edit] Personality

Flash's Cranky personality is to blame for his overall downbeat attitude which makes him appear unkind and boring towards the Player when first met. Although after enough time spent with this Islander, Flash will eventually begin treating you as an awkward type of friend. The Cranky personality does carry some advantages for this island resident though, one of them being the overall maturity levels that he displays in comparison to the Jock and Lazy male Islanders, making them look up to Flash as a sort of role model. Flash admires Lazy villagers and their natural ability to let every worry in life, big or small, pass them by without a single thought.

[edit] Appearance

Flash is mostly cyan-coloured with a yellow chin and bright orange beak. His arms are cyan while the ends of his wings are tipped with yellow(this follows suit with his tail). He has a small curl of dark blue hair on top of his head underneath a small, tan-coloured straw hat.

[edit] Fruit

As being an islander he has a favourite fruit and then a fruit that he is allergic to. He loves apples and is allergic to peaches.

[edit] Name Meaning

This Islander's name could most likely relate to the overall swiftness of the Bird species when they take to the skies, especially the smaller breeds. The funny thing is that this related name completely contradicts this character's slow-going Cranky personality.

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